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March 2019


Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!

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Author Message


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PostSubject: Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!   Sat Mar 21 2009, 10:07

Hey guys, I will update the first post to put the info here.

Here we will discuss the creation of a mage.

Things to know, are:

Glass Cannon or Heal build?
Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, or which two?
Party Roles,
PvP tips

All for now and tell me if i'm missing anything.

After I get info I will edit it in the first post.


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PostSubject: Re: Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!   Sun Mar 22 2009, 10:24

This is a guide for all those hunters who are lost when it comes to stats and skills. I am
Writing this from my own experiance as a hunter. Hopefully you will find this guide to be
helpful in your characters development. Each section is divided into its respective
sub-sections to make it easier to read.

1. PvE Tactics
2. PvP Tactics
3. Stat Distribution
4. Skills
5. Leveling Guide

Section 1, PvE Tactics

When it comes to PvE hunters are the easiest class to play. They dont have many skills so it
is a matter of when and where. Depending on your build there are differant options you can
choose. In the beginning you will use your wind shaft the most. It's an easy skill to use
and it dishes out some damage when you really need it. Most skills will be put aside until
later levels when you have to deal as much damage as possible in a short time. AoE grinding
is perhaps the most usefull method of grinding at later levels, however dont bite off more
than you can chew or you will find yourself dead. I used wind shaft for my fights even into
the higher levels, while other skills were saved for when wind shaft was on cooldown and i
needed to deal damage fast. Skull shot is a great skill for emergencies. It has a low
cooldown and low mana cost when compared to other skills. If you find a monster getting too
close for comfort and need to kill it fast, there nothing better than shooting an arrow into
there skull to finish the job. Multiple shot is a nice skill when your AoE grinding but its
best to wait until you get triangle shot to really get serius about it. A multiple shot
followed by a triangle shot can take most monsters out fast, also triangle shot has a
fairly large AoE. The method is up to you, just remember that wind shaft will be your best
friend to take a chunk out of enemies.

Section 2, PvP Tactics

PvP is my favorite past-time. I love when others come to me wanting to fight because they
think if they stand close enough they can stun lock me. Nothing is more wrong when it comes
to PvP with a hunter. There are differant tactics when it comes to each class.

Against Azure Knight: Azure Knights will not generally cause you much problems as there
skills are mostly melee range. The best tactic is to keep as much distance between you and
him. If you feel he is closing the gap, fire off an ice arrow and widen that distance.
Because azure knights are a strong melee class it is wise to stay out of there range. The
knockback from your arrows wont be of much good as they can absorb alot of damage. The best
way to take them down is to keep them at a distance and pelt them with strong skills. A few
skull shots coupled with wind shaft will be your only way to deal serius damage fast. Use
wind moving when he closes the distance and your ice arrow is on cool down. Keep them kited
and they go down easy.

Against Bagi Warrior: Nothing is more annoying then fighting a bagi. The best way to take a
bagi down is to keep them kited. Never let one within melee range as they can dish out alot
of damage in a short time. If the bagi is specced for damage they are much easier than one
who is specced for tanking. If your fighting against the tank variety you will have to keep
them kited and outlast them. If your fighting against a damage bagi, keep out of there range
and slowly take down there health. Either way it will be a long fight. I suggest avoiding a
bagi if you can.

Against Vicious Summoner: When fighting a summoner leave there summons alone. They have
massive health and you will be dead before you dent them. Summons can do alot of damage so
keep out of there range while focusing on the summoner. A combat summoner you will notice
fast because they normally have twin swords equipped. Most of them will run straight at you
and bring the pain. If your unlucky you will be dead before you get an arrow off. Summoners
are the best class when it comes to keeping you stun locked. As soon as the match starts hit
them with an ice arrow to get some distance between you. They will probably hit you with
spells but that wont matter much. A combat summoner doesnt do much damage with spells. Keep
them away from you and keep an eye on there summons. Against a magic summoner the playing
field changes. They will send there summon to attack you at the start so keep away from it.
Some summons are ranged but as long as you kill the summoner fast your in the clear. The
spells a magic summoner uses can really hit you hard. If you keep the damage pouring then
magic summoners will be the easiest.

Against Incar Magicians: The key to beating a magician is finding out when elements it's
using. Most PvP builds for a magician are based around ice and lightning. PvE magicians will
run a fire and lightning build. Try to observe the magician before engaging in combat. Try
to figure out the combo that there using. Magicians have low health to begin with because
there skills are mana based, which means a mage with hardly any mana is a dead one. If you
meet a high level fire mage, you better kiss your butt goodbye. Nothing says dead better
than a fire mage blasting you with a high level phoenix. With an incar, you have your work
cut out for you. Ice mages are fine because all you need to do is use skills since your
attack speed will suck after your hit with some ice spells.

Against Sengale: All i can say is run. They can deal massive damage with there whips alone.
Not to mention they can self heal when there in trouble. The range on there whip is
impressive so you will need to keep them at an even further range. Getting there shield down
is the key to beating a sengale. Since you cant see an enemies health you will have to judge
by there actions. If a sengale heals it means there shield is down. Hit them with crow wings
if you have and follow with a strike shot. If there not dead yet hit them with high powered
fast skills. There heals at max level has a 3 second cooldown. So once they heal you have 3
seconds to deal as much damage as you can. If you get a sengale into a heal lock then it's
over. Heal lock is when all they can do is heal or they die.

Against Segita Hunter: Well, by now you should have a great understanding about how your
class works so you should be fine. Worse case scenario is that the opponent has more
experiance in PvP and kicks your butt. No need to keep them at range since you will fire at
each other from the same distance. Never kite a hunter as it does no good. Fire off your
best skills before they do, It's more like a who kills who first. Against a dagger hunter
there totally pwned. Dagger hunters are the biggest laugh for me. A hunter should only spec
into strength to use there next bow, which is 1 or 2 points every few levels if you use a

Section 3, Stat Distribution

I have seen many stat guide for hunters and all i can say is, whatever. Alot of people claim
that a pure dexterity hunter is the best. I say its garbage. Ill give a nice list of where
to put your points. These are based on my own builds from 1-150, this works for PvP and PvE.

1-25 = 0/5/0/0 When you first start damage is everything. Nothing will hit you much so
health doesnt matter. Only put in points into strength the level you get a new bow. So as
you level to 18 make sure you have 6 strength for your next bow and leave it.

26-50 = 0/3/2/0 At these levels health becomes a factor. You should be in the nunvice
dungeon at around 34. Dont try to finish the dungeon as its a waste of time until your high
enough to get through it. Use an aoe to take as many down, i suggest having triangle shot here, it helps as each monster is hit 3 times.

51-100 = 0/3/1/1 or 0/3/2/0 These levels you will be killing things with your skills. I hate
when people say hunters dont need spirit. If you follow the guide for skills I list below,
then i suggest switching to a crossbow. Since you will be using more skills to kill, the
damage of the crossbow makes a differance. These levels mobs will begin hitting you for
some major damage. If you go 0/3/2/0, alternate between that and 0/3/0/2 every other level.
Once you have 50 spirit you should be fine for awhile. After 50 spirit keep to going
straight dexterity and health.

100-150 = 0/4/1/0 Health wont be of much use as you should already have a nice amount.
Spirit left at 50 should be fine but if your constantly running out raise it to 75 but never
go higher. I used a bow for knockback while i switched to crossbow when i needed damage for
my skills. You will most likely be in a party for most of these levels so using a crossbow
is advised.
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PostSubject: Re: Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!   Sun Mar 22 2009, 10:24

Section 4, Skills

When you first start out you will have the first level of wind shaft. Keep raising wind
shaft as it will be your most basic skill to take down enemies. Grab bow mastery,
crossbow mastery, and skull shot. At first level those 3 and max your wind shaft. If you
would like to fish then leave crossbow mastery at 1 but remember to level it because you
will switch at higher levels. Critical fire is a must have so dont forget to grab it.Skull
shot is your emergency skill, when your AoE grinding at higher levels it pays to have it
when a few dont die with the others. Max out the center, since you will be switching you
will need to have skills for your crossbow and keeping to the center is a good idea. When
your able to get triangle shot, get strike shot and leave at 1. Strike shot is a PvP skill
in my opinion and best saved for last. Triangle shot should be upgraded since it will speed
up your AoE grinding. Be sure to carry alot of mana pots when you AoE grind as it does cost
alot of mana. Thats where the extra spirit comes in handy. While leveling up you will be
tempted to grab some of the independent skills along the right. When it comes available
grab ice arrow, it comes in handy both in PvP and PvE. Other than that pick whatever else
you want, But dont over do it with the others until you have the other skills maxed. You
should grab the hunter skills as they will come in handy, mostly the wind moving and cure
wounds. I didnt use speed much until later. I dont suggest leveling wonder firing much as it
has a large cooldown and not the greatest of damage. Explosion arrow is a much better choice
if you want a good skill for AoE.

Section 5, Leveling Guide

This is the section that most people will be looking forward too. I dont mean to tell you
these are the only places to level, I am only listing the places where I leveled from 1 to

1-5 I sat around braiken castle killing the monsters. Did the class trainers quests.
5-12 Did the boss quests in braiken castle, went to the noob maze after finishing the class
trainers quests.
12-16 Sat in north ares near the entrance to Norak cave killing lizardmen.
16-27 Went inside norak cave and killed crude nightmares, yetirion, and yetirion bows.
27-34 Killed the monsters in heiharp, had to party in beginning but about 30ish I could
solo them fairly well.
34-50 Went to nunvice dungeon. By the time I was done with the monestary the time limit was up and I had alot of experiance done. Didnt finish the whole dungeon till about level 45.
50-60 Went into parca temple and killed carcers and fraus. They dropped the green set items
for 40ish so i collected my set and sold the rest. Made back the money i spent on nunvice.
60-75 Went to Norak cave 2nd floor and grinded my way up. Didnt stop for loot, picked up
only the weapons that i knew could be sold for a good bit of gold.
75-90 Draco desert was my destination. Killed everything in sight.
90-105 Avalon isle is the place to be, kill everything that appears white. Anything else was
too slow and not worth the experiance.
105-120 Python castle underground.
120-150 Doomed maze.
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PostSubject: Re: Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!   Sun Mar 22 2009, 11:18

Lolz, I've seen those before:P

thanks, you are less lazy than I am:)

Should I put those in the 2nd psot to keep everythnig easy to see with new members?

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Number of posts : 141
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PostSubject: Re: Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!   Sun Mar 22 2009, 11:24

Actually I didn't take those cause I'm not sure if they work on this server...
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PostSubject: Re: Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!   

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Segita Hunter help, for Noobs!

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