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Vicious Summoner help, for Noobs

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PostSubject: Vicious Summoner help, for Noobs   Sat Mar 21 2009, 10:09

Hey guys, I will update the first post to put the info here.

Here we will discuss the creation of a Summy.

Things to know, are:

Stats Points,
Staff or Twin Sword,
Party Roles,
Summon or no Summon,
Libido or Beast,
PvP tips

All for now and tell me if i'm missing anything.

After I get info I will edit it in the first post.


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PostSubject: Re: Vicious Summoner help, for Noobs   Sun Mar 22 2009, 11:29

One unique thing about Summys is their ability to use 2 completely different weapons that have 2 completely different fighting styles. Both of course have their advantage own advantages and disadvantages. Picking one or the other is a very important part of being a Summoner and it will have a big impact on the your whole Dekaron experience.

Staff Advantages/Disadvantages.
Staff offers a long range fighting style which can be the key in winning PvP's versus some tough opponents such as Mages/Hunters.
Staff can be a devistating combination with your Summon as your pet can tank for you while your fight from a distance.
Staffs offer 4 slots in the weapon instead of 3 with TwinBlades giving you more space for gems/pyramids.
No aoe skills until level 52 make using a staff a very difficult job at low levels.
Slow casting times can be killer, especially paired with the lack of aoes.
Mages use much more powerful magic.

TwinBlade Advantages/Disadvantages.
TwinBlades look by far the coolest weapons in the game =P
Fast, hard hitting attacks can be brilliants in PvP's and in boss battles.
Strong skills with very cool animations ^^
TwinBlades can mean tanking, which can be very bad as Summoners generally have low defense.
Again, no aoe skills until level 52 =S

Really, picking one or the other is all down to personal preference but I recommend trying out both styles before deciding on the one you will stick with ^^ Some people (Including myself) use semi-hybrid form where they use both TwinBlades and Staff, but only slightly in one. This in my opinion makes playing more awkward and can be more bothersome than beneficial but it is all down to your own playing style.

Stat Points.
First of all, do not put any stats on Dexterity. Dex is completely useless and adds virtually nothing to Summoners. Some suggest putting a few points on dex to improve critical rate but it is very insignificant in my opinion.

With TwinBlades, this is how I would advise you to distribute your points.
From level 1-80, always weapon requirements (weapon requirements meaning the required amount of stats on Str and Spirit for the current level weapon you are using) on Spirit, then, keep Strength and Heal equal. Some people prefer more on Str but I find this build the easiest to use and most all round. From Lvl 80+, put weapon requirements on both Spirit AND Strength, using the rest all on Heal. This will prevent you from dying in places such as Python and onwards alot more frequently than you would as a Str build Summy.

With Staff, it is almost identical to the way I would recommend stating TwinBlades. Put weapon requirements on Spirit and Strength stats and the rest entirely on Heal. This is from level 1+.

When using the highest level weapon you can, it is handy if you use the strongest secondary weapon to can with your current stats (i.e using a level 30 staff when using lvl 95 twinblades =D)


Another unique feature of Summoners is their ability to Summon a helping hand on the battlefield. This helps in many ways, such as fighting along side you, using as a distraction and also helping you gather an extra 3 mobs. This is all brilliant but first you must choose which Summon tree to use! There are 2 to choose from, these being Libido and Beast. Picking one or the other in my opinion is quite insignificant as the differences between them are quite small apart from this important info. Beasts do more damage, Libido have more Defense/ Health. I would recommend TwinBlade users to go for Beasts as they add on to the amount of damage you deal when fighting 1v1 and for Staff users to go for Libido as the extra defense and health can be good when you use the Summon to help you tank. Of course there are extra attributes that each individual Summon has but I find picking the one you feel suits you better is more important =P

1 bit of advise I would give is to choose only 1 Summon tree until you reach level 108, then reskill and get only both 108 Summons. Also maxing out Beast/Libido mastery is quite unimportant and can waste alot of skill points. Both level 108 summoners are very strong and each have their own advantages so both are beneficial to have =D

Combat/ Cosmos.
Becoming familiar with your skills is extremely important when using any class in Dekaron. Summoners have access to a variety of skills atm for both TwinBlade and Staff including healthy 'middle of the road' skills ^^ Cosmos are the ending skills which are extremely powerful and fun to use =D

For Staff users it is most important to first of all, upgrade Vicious Mastery as when this is fully upgraded it can add an extra 30% to your base magic attack. The other skills I would recommend to upgrade are the following:
-Vicious Thorn (If you want)
-Venom Light
-Summon Ghost
-Infected Earth

Here is some screenshots to show the general idea of your skills at some important levels:

https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img142/8...08staffhm7.png (Don't have anymore room for the screenshots =P)

As you can see in the level 108 ScreenShot that I have put Twin Mastery to level 10. This was done as it will add an extra 30% damage to your TwinBlade Cosmos which can be very helpful. These screenshots are just my opinion of ideal skills at those levels and do not have to be strictly followed =D

For TwinBlades, alot like Staff, first of all you should upgrade Twin Mastery as when fully upgraded it can add up to 30% to your base attack damage. Other skills I recommend you to upgrade are toe following:
-Devil Swing (Best pvp move in my opinion)
-Blade Dance
-Poison Sword
-Blade Spin (A good move to use in between skills during PvP's mainly at low levels, thanks to WarBro ^^)

https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img440/2078/lvl108tbpt3.png (Don't have any more room for the screenshot Razz)

Again, I have shown to upgrade Vicious Mastery to boost the strength of the Staff Cosmos in the lvl 108 Screenshot. I have also shown to upgrade Blade Spin in the lvl 74 Screenshot as it may help fill in empty gaps in PvP's before you get Cosmos ^^

As you can see in all the screenshots there are a number of skill points still available. These should be used in anyway you see fit

For both Staff users and TwinBlade users I recommend you upgrade these skills:
-Twin/Vicious Mastery (Which ever one isn't your base)
-Blood Bats (Very effective when soloing and you run out of pots)(Upgrade ideally to lvl2 so that the cooldown doesn't go crazy xD thanks to Azu ^^)
-Skin of the Foregin Relam (Only buff, very important)
-ALL Cosmos. **

**Some people may use excess skill points on becoming semi-hybrid but I recommend only being partly hybrid, using only your second choice weapons Cosmos moves, but that's just me.

Here is a Screenshot of a Semi-Hybrid Summoner:

Extra things =P
When using either Staff or TwinBlades, use pyramids/+ Element damage (i.e +38 poison damage, thank you Azu ^^) in your weapons until 4% of your overall damage works out to equal more than a pyramid/+ Element damage does. If you are to lazy to do the math, I would recommend you changing to 4% damage gems at about lvl 72/78 when you will start doing more damage with 4% ^^

I would recommend putting poison gems into your weapons when the time comes but in actually fact it won't make a difference on what kind of % damage is in it. Only resistance matters in that case. I'm still not 100% on the fact of which element suits Summoners best but you can't really go wrong with poison ^^

I hope my guide has put a bit of light on some topics for some people and I hope people will get use out of it. I don't want to say my way is better than anyone else's, because it more than likely isn't, I just want to try and help people, using the best of my knowledge ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Vicious Summoner help, for Noobs   Sun Mar 29 2009, 06:49

thank you man
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PostSubject: Re: Vicious Summoner help, for Noobs   

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Vicious Summoner help, for Noobs

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